Animal-Riding Franchisesystem

Become your own boss and rent animal-riding animals in shopping centers, at events, in parks or at childbirthdays. Our Animal-Riding animals offer lots of fun and are the hit for children at every event.


We offer you complete franchise packages at attractive conditions. All income from the rental is your profit. In addition, you receive 10% of all animals purchased by your customers directly from you - or through our online shop.

The animals in our Franchisesystem are "Animal-Riding Professional" animals, which are specially equipped for the daily period of use much more robust.

Our franchise offers

Package Bronze
10 Animals
The Animal-Riding franchise package "Bronze" is ideal for the rental of animals at smaller events and children
One-time deposit
1700.- EUR
Monthly rental fee
419.- EUR
(gives 14.- EUR per day)
Package Silver
15 Animals
For the rental of animals in shopping centers, events and children
One-time deposit
2100.- EUR
Monthly rental fee
579.- EUR
(gives 19.- EUR per day)
Package Gold
20 Animals
For the rental of animals in large shopping centers, events and children
One-time deposit
2900.- EUR
Monthly rental fee
699.- EUR
(gives 23.- EUR per day)


Rental of animals

Just look for a suitable location in your area (for example small area in a well-frequented shopping center) or rent the animals at events, town festivals, children's birthdays etc. For the stand, you need about 3 x 4 meters of space.

Many shopping centers offer these areas for a small fee - or in part even free of charge. Based on our experience, the ideal rental price is EUR 2 for 15 minutes. In the rental of the animals for birthday parties you can make lump sums or e.g. 20 EUR per animal for a birthday celebration.


Included in the franchise package is a sales desk including 2 animal-riding flags, a brochure stand as well as a passenger guidance system with 5 stands including barrier strips as well as polo shirts with an animal-riding logo. You will also receive flyers with a 10% voucher code - as well as terms and conditions for the rental you legally. on the sales console. The sales stands are easily transportable and are set up within a few minutes.

Your profit

All income from the rental of the animals are your turnover. The rental costs of the packages are very low (between 14, - and 23, - EUR per day), which are billed by us monthly. Just calculate the cost for e.g. a rental space in a shopping center (for example, 70 EUR per day) - and calculate your fixed costs.
You can find the average sales per day at the respective packages (for example, the realistic daily turnover for the silver package is 225, - EUR per day (calculated at 25% utilization of the animals, since only a few children are in shopping centers in the mornings) Animals are rented).

Contract period

The contract term is 12 months. You may renew the contract at any time for a further year on the same terms. The one-time deposit is only payable at the end of the contract - a renewal does not require a new deposit and you simply pay the monthly rental fee, but you will get a new one for your rental. The monthly rental price is billed on the first month of each month with a payment term of 14 days. The animals remain the property of ZOO-RIDING AG and will be recovered if the rent is not paid according to the 2nd reminder.

Coupon code and additional sales commission

For your stand, you will also receive a one-page flyer with information and prices of the animals (for sale to private individuals) - which you can spend with interested parents of the children. Of course, you can also accept orders from the animals or order them for resale. As a rule, the parents take the flyer with - and order with the voucher code on it directly on the page When you enter the voucher code during the ordering process, the customers receive a discount of 10%.
Using this voucher code, which is generated for you individually with a serial number, we can see in the system whether an order has been received with your voucher code. You receive monthly a list of the redeemed vouchers with your code - and a credit of 10% on the price of the animals. This credit will be deducted from the amount on the next invoice for the rental.

Professional animals

The animals available in the Onlineshop are only intended for private use. For long-term use, we offer exclusively our Animal-Riding "Professional" animals, which are equipped with a reinforced frame, more stable foot holders, special handles, etc. Of course, you have a guarantee on all mechanical parts during the entire rental period. After the expiry of the 12 months - and if you extend the rental contract, all animals are replaced by completely new animals.

If you have any special questions, just contact us.

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