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The Products of Animal Riding were initially struck me from the perspective of sports educators.
The idea of mechanically implement the riding motion and to make possible for children from three years ago, I was interested so much that I wanted to test the horses or animals are kept in our laboratory exercise.

From other research projects, I knew the value that can emanate from riding and handling horses. So I was at first mainly curious as the two horses and tigers arrived in the laboratory. On this day my daughter (2.5 years) and her friend were (4 years) in the Institute, discovered that the parcel had just delivered and took the test equipment immediately confiscated.

This encounter was so joyful and intense that I turned back firstonce the perspective of the researcher and have seen the Products of Animal Riding from the perspective of the Father. I was just pleased as the two girls have joy and commitment to the game developed and shown with the mechanical horses.

We tried the horses immediately on the street in front of the house and the kids had a great joy in it.
It was interesting that they have learned the necessary for the advancement movement very quickly. By simple trial and error, the two girls have quickly figured out what they need to do to make the horse rides to wherever they wanted.

The official start of the test had to be postponed because the two children were so excited about the horses that we had to set up a private pre-test. The following should come out:

  • Kids can quickly access to the optimal motion to come forward quickly and safely.
  • This movement reminds seen both in form as well as in functional terms to the riding motion on "real" horses.
  • The animals are attractively designed and allow an emotional connection.
  • The children want the "mechanical" and stroking horses, play with them, speak to them and subject them to the barn.
  • The reverse lock protects you from rolling off the device at the mountain backwards and makes an important contribution to safety
  • The roles are both smooth and stable. They allow a secure Moving

Meanwhile, the mechanical horses in the test groups and we examine the relevant games and educational value that comes from these motion devices. It emerged very quickly that the other children were excited in a similar way as my daughter and her friend.

Prof. Dr. Harald Lange,
Department of Sport Science
University of Würzburg

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