Family Packages HORSES

Including HORSE “Amadeus” (Medium / Large) and HORSE “Maharadscha” (Medium / Large).
Order these 2 ANIMAL-RIDING animals for your children and save 30,- EUR.

Family Packages HORSES: 2 animals for children between 5-8 years. Saddle height 69 cm,
min. weight 15 kg, max. weight 65 kg,

Measurements: (Length/Width/Height) 90 x 33 x 98 cm - Recommended for approx 1 meter tall
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Stead: 598,00 €
Price: 578,00 €
578.00 EUR
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Description The specialty of the steerable ANIMAL-RIDING animals is that the child can ride indoors or outdoors, by making a natural riding movement – an environment-friendly, purely mechanical mobility device without batteries, petrol or pollution – and completely noiseless.

ANIMAL-RIDING animals offer not only much fun but also a healthy exercise promoting the physical and motoric development of children. Similarly to fitness equipment, the muscles of the waist, the arms, the legs and the abdomen get stimulated and the back muscles strengthened.

The animals have a robust stainless steel frame. The materials used are of high quality and resistant against dirt and rain.

Please note: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Not to be used in street traffic. Riding during thunderstorm is not permitted. Use only on even surfaces and roads under adult supervision. The use of the animals is at own risk – ZOO-RIDING AG is specifically not liable for damages due to inappropriate manoeuvring or for accidents that occur due to non-observance of the rules and regulations.

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