Baby Horse / Amadeus

The Animal-Riding Baby Horse / Amadeus is a new riding toy for babies from 6 months.
A "soft horse" with a cute horse head, bridle and real horse noise characterize the "Baby Horse".
Just hitch the horse on the leg - put the baby on the saddle - and off you go the fun "Hoppe hoppe Reiter" ride!
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Price: 29,00 €
29.00 EUR
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Description Who does not know the German children’s song “Hoppe hoppe Reiter”. With the new Animal-Riding Baby Horse the dream of riding becomes true for the little ones. The cute plushy horse isdesigned for babies from 6 months onwards. 

The horse is belted with bands and velcro over the leg and the baby is placed on the horse. With up and down movements of the leg the funny fantasy ride starts. It gives a lot of fun while promoting the sense of touch and balance of the baby. 

The ride is supported by true-to-life neighing and galloping sounds. A sound button on the ear encourages to press and promotes movement and acoustic capabilities. The cute horse is the perfect companion for your child when it begins to discover the world. (Batterys are included)

Not suitable for children under 6 month. Parents are liable to ensure, that only babies ride on the horse, which can keep the head stable by itself. Always hold your baby while riding.

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