«Für Kinder muss Bewegung Emotionen erzeugen und Spass machen»

Sie sind die moderne Weiterentwicklung des Klassikers «Schaukelpferd»: Die Animal-Riding-Tiere der Zoo-Riding AG aus Basel. Lesen Sie im Interview mit einem Experten auf dem Gebiet der Bewegungswissenschaft, wieso er diese Spielgeräte als so innovativ beurteilt.

Facilities for Special Education with school and day care

The first experiences with the mounts I made in Abensberger shopping center. My two grandchildren pounced on it and were very difficult to move again to stop.

Institute of Human Movement Research and Education Movement

The Products of Animal Riding were initially struck me from the perspective of sports educators.
The idea of mechanically implement the riding motion and to make possible for children from three years ago, I was interested so much that I wanted to test the horses or animals are kept in our laboratory exercise.