TOP 10 Baby & Kind 2023 Nomination
In November 2022, the ANIMAL-RIDING Unicorn Melody was nominated for the "TOP 10 Baby & Kind 2023" by the German Association of Toy Retailers (BVS) together with an independent jury of experts from the baby & children's equipment trade.

The members of the jury are experts in the field of baby and toddler outfitting and hold a leading position in one of the large affiliated groups and chain stores (BabyOne, EK/servicegroup, Smyths Toys, VEDES).

The experts often know many months in advance which highlights consumers will soon be enjoying, because they are at home at the world's most important trade fairs and are the first to find out about the latest trends and innovations.

We are pleased that our new XS Mini series is one of these trends and innovations.

Spiel gut seal for ANIMAL-RIDING
The "spiel gut" seal is one of the most important and renowned awards for good and educationally valuable children's toys in Germany.

Good toys meet high quality criteria and offer varied and ongoing play opportunities. It helps children to try, talk, discover, understand rules and endure tension, improvise and construct.

The seal is awarded by experts from science, practice and from many disciplines that are important for play and toys: e.g. medicine, education, technology, chemistry, environmental protection, design, architecture, sociology and psychology.

In this way, good toys promote the physical, mental and social development of children. The orange quality seal, which our Animal-Riding products have received, draws attention to these good, particularly suitable toys.

inbub - siegelThe Institute for Movement Education and Movement Research at the University of Würzburg has developed a quality seal for determining the movement, learning and play value of exercise devices in order to provide parents, teachers, coaches and other users with an orientation that is both manageable and accurate.

Innovative devices and movement concepts are subjected to application-oriented testing. This is educationally oriented and is intended to provide information on the practical learning and playing value.

Therefore, the evaluation is based on the perspective of children and adolescents or those of their parents. The Würzburg movement laboratory has many years of experience in the field of child-related movement research and can look back on a comprehensive network of testers (children, young people, educators, parents, teachers).

In the last 8 years, just over 200 innovative movement devices have been awarded the InBuB certificate - including the products of Animal Riding.

  • Riding animals of animal riding
  • Babyhorse by Animal-Riding

For more information about the seal of approval and test procedures, see 

Prof. Dr. Harald Lange
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